What is the Best Way to go About a Divorce?

Getting divorced, has never been much of a party, but for those in the know, and are aware of the proper procedure and what’s to come, it can at make things that much less stressful. Laws for divorce differ from nation to nation, but basically, there are a few things that should be done once they have contemplated a divorce and before they start any legal proceedings.

At first, you should really make sure that the divorce is actually necessary, because surprisingly, some divorces result in reconciliation and remarriage after a year or so, and due to complications and costs of the divorce procedure, stopping it happening is much more favoured. Some couples undergoing marital difficulties should perhaps try some sort of counselling, and a period of trial separation, before going for a divorce.

But, in Cases Where the Decision Has Already Been Made

If it has definitely been decided that a divorce is the best course of action, the next step is to choose what type of divorce to take and contact professional divorce lawyers in London. There are two main types – no fault and fault:

  1. The no fault divorce is one where one or both partners feel there are irreconcilable differences that makes any continued marriage impossible. In most cases, this type of divorce can be filed quickly without any long waiting period.
  2. A fault divorce, is somewhat different and a divorce in which one partner claims that the other partner has been at fault. This fault may involve physical or emotional abuse, incarceration, adultery or some other factor.

The one divorcing their partner who is at fault may be able to obtain more maintenance or a greater amount of the at-fault partner’s possessions.

The only drawback is that fault divorces can be much longer and drawn out than a no fault divorce and can result in “dirty laundry” being aired in court proceedings by the defending partner.

Legal Experts

After somebody has chosen what type of divorce they wish for, they should then consult with legal experts and tell the lawyer exactly what he or she would like, what type of divorce, they want to pursue, and any other information that the legal expert needs to know which can be used in court proceedings.

He or she should do anything, like filing for a divorce, leaving the marital home, or engaging in a new relationship, without first talking to the lawyer about any legal ramifications of such actions. The legal professional will help to minimise the messiness and protect their client from any unnecessary legal risk.

A Matter of Time

If the divorce goes well, it can all be over quickly after a brief court date and the signing of papers. If it happens to get messy, it may drag on for some time — especially if one spouse is determined to make it happen. Consulting with a law firm is definitely a must in order to make all things flow smoothly without any stressful problems.

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